Dunleavy Vineyards

We are located in the heart of the beautiful Wrington Vale in Somerset, just outside Bristol. Combining passion, sustainable agricultural practices and the latest grape growing techniques, we aim to produce fantastic rosé & sparkling wines from our Pinot and Seyval grapes.

Our first wines were released in 2013

Dunleavy Vineyards were planted in 2008 by owner and manager Ingrid Bates. Ingrid has a background in biology and, after a short stint working in the media, began her viticultural career 10 years ago when she took up a job maintaining a local vineyard.

Having found her true vocation, her own vineyard was finally planted just a few weeks before the birth of her first child. A few years down the line, and after much hard work, Dunleavy Vineyards released its first wines in 2013.

Telephone: 07779 085420

Email: hello@dunleavyvineyards.co.uk

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English Rosé and sparkling wines from our own Pinot and Seyval grapes.

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